Frequently Asked Photo Booth Questions

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  Enter the booth.  Choose color or black and white photos.  Pose for your photos.  Exit the booth and receive your strip from our Foto Box attendant. Will I get copies of the photos?   Each guest that enters the booth will get a strip of the photos.  We have a scrapbook option where an extra strip is placed in the album and guests are encouraged to write something to the host.  We also offer a digital download option where you receive all photos and copyrights to the photos taken during the event.  Photos are also posted on the web shortly after your event for your enjoyment.

How much space should I set aside for the photo booth? 
We can best fit in an area of eight by eight feet and it will allow your guests to comfortably use the photo booth.

Where should I put the photo booth at my event?   It is best to place us in a location that is close to the action and easy for your guests to see without interrupting the natural flow of your venue.

I already have a wedding photographer. Why would I want a photo booth?  Foto Box does not replace your wedding photographer.  However, we will create an unbelievably fun experience and atmosphere that your guests will talk about for months to come!  Guests that enter our booth will receive a strip of their photos each time, which is a great keepsake of your special day!

Is your booth a traditional photo booth? 
We have the concept of the traditional photo booths but with a sleeker, state of the art, and innovative design and technology.  Our booth can comfortably fit up to ten people at a time, and is even wheelchair accessible.  We have the latest technology that allows you to see your photos on Facebook, Twitter, or even as digital files for you to print your favorite poses from home.

Will my photo fade?  Foto Box prints your photos using only professional-grade dye sublimation printers.  Our photos strips have a 100-year archival rating.  Foto Box does NOT use ink jet printers; which can bleed or leave fingerprints on your guest’s keepsake photos.

Are there any special electrical requirements for your booth? 
No! A standard electrical outlet is more than enough to power our booths.

I see that you have a custom message or logo on some of your strips. Can I design this myself? 
You bet! We want every detail to be just the way you want it. If you’d like to brand your event and design your own custom logo/text yourself, please contact us for details.

My event is on the second floor and the building does not have an elevator, is that a problem? 
This is no problem at all. Our booths are compact and lightweight. We can easily carry them up the stairs to your event space.

Our event is taking place outdoors; can your booth be set-up outside? 
Yes! Our booth can be set-up anywhere there is an electrical outlet. The screen is viewable in direct sunlight.

What areas do you serve? 
We currently service the entire state of Florida.  However, we have done corporate events out of state and are happy to travel when needed.

Will you have an employee on site that can help with the scrapbook option? 
Yes. We have a photo booth attendant at every event. Your attendant will print an additional strip and place it in the scrapbook and also encourage your guest to write a quick comment or signature by their photos.  What better way to remember grandma wearing a boa, or your friends and family letting their guard down and making great memories together!